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A tagger called Muggle, writes 'fuck cassette lord' over a piece of graffiti on a green junction box.

Muggle Bombs Cassette Lord on Regent Street

WHERE: At the top of Regent street in the Lanes, opposite Tiffany’s cafe.

PIECE BY: Cassette Lord and Muggle.

STATUS: Cassette Lord = legal, Muggle = illegal.

WE SAY: For our first post in over three years, it seems only poignant to see that our old friend Muggle has been up to his old tricks! This time he’s bombed a piece by Cassette Lord, and what he lacks in nuance, he makes up for in initiative by using Cassette Lord’s own name in his piece to mark himself down. It’s a common practice in the graffiti world to paint over somebody else’s work to disrespect them, but we like this one for Muggle’s sheer cheek and boldness. If you’re a Brighton local, you’ll know Cassette Lord’s work; he regularly livens up the old green junction boxes around the city.

Clearly, in this case, Muggle isn’t too pleased that Cassette Lord is operating in his territory. Either that, or he’s just not a fan of the more ‘mainstream’ graffiti which has started appearing around the city, and is exerting his power of expression with a bit of old school tagging.

Now the blog is back in action, we’ll be keeping an eye out for a bit more of Muggle’s mischief and we will also be sure to do a post on Cassette Lord too. Stay tuned.