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God is a Dinosaur
God is a Dinosaur

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WHERE: Opposite the Brighton Dome on Church Street. Head up the side alley that leads to the Prince Regent Swimming Pool and this graffiti is immediately on the left hand side.

PIECE BY: Unknown at this time.

LEGAL: Yes. This is a legal bit of street art.


Well, this one is certainly a bit spooky! At first our photographer didn’t realise it was there, because at a glance it looks like a pile of old wood. It wasn’t until he spotted the sign that he realised what it was! This is a fantastic piece of street art. It must be a part of the commission on this alleyway, because any non-legitimate art like this would be removed in no time by the council.

This wooden robot is an innovative creation. Simple but effective, it certainly makes a statement – you can’t find street art like this in many places. It’s made out of found items – wood offcuts, old furniture and the eyes are made of reflectors from what appears to be old car headlights. “God is a dinosaur” – a round about way of saying He’s extinct? As is often the case with graffiti and street art, the message is cryptic and really gets you thinking.

We really recommend you go check this one out in person, if for no other reason than to get an idea of the sheer size of it.