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Cowman Slaughters Mancow

Cowman Slaughters Mancow

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WHERE: This mad cow is on the side of a boarded up shop on St. James’s Street. If you walk up St. Jame’s Street from the centre of Brighton, this piece is on the left hand side just before you reach Dorset Gardens.


LEGAL: No, this is an illegal piece of graffiti.


This is another very political piece of graffiti. Although it’s hard at first to tell what’s going on, if you look closely you will notice that the man actually has the head of a cow and the cow has the head of a man. The statement is clear – it’s drawing a comparison between man and animal and perhaps the greed that we exhibit as people.

Given the nature of St. James’s Street and the number of large and global corporations that have established themselves here, it suggests that this graffiti isn’t accidentally placed. On this street, there is a Morrisons, a Tesco, a Co-operative and a Starbucks, all of which are considered money makers who will slaughter the competition without a moment’s remorse – and that is exactly what they have done to this lonely boarded up shop.

Then again, perhaps it’s just revenge of the mad cow!

Keep your eyes peeled for more graffiti like this. It’s not always easy to spot if you don’t know the situation in an area, but it can be well explained if you do. Good luck!