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Sticker of Christ on the cross with a spray can nozzle in place of a head

“Let us spray” (sorry)

WHERE: Stuck to a drainpipe on Bond Street Lane, next to the side entrance of Clarke’s Stationers.

PIECE BY: GZOS (We think, a play of words on ‘Jesus’) or perhaps NU (emblazoned across Christ’s stomach). Our research can confirm or deny either this time. Bad Google.

STATUS: Illegal.

WE SAY: While it took a moment to figure out what was going on here, that’s actually why this obscure sticker grabbed our attention. Religion isn’t something graffiti in Brighton often tackles, but this sticker certainly does. Did whoever this here intend to cause any offence? We don’t reckon so. But who knows… Perhaps the message is intended to undermine the perceived absurdity of religion…

…or maybe by juxtaposing an icon of Christ (once a common theme in art) beside a nozzle (a modern icon of graffiti art), the artist is just trying to get us to think about how art has progressed over the centuries.

Or maybe it’s just a weird sticker of Jesus with a spray can nozzle for a head.

Whatever the message, we like it and we hope you do too.