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WHERE: Head down North Street from Churchill Square. Just after Barclays bank on the left is King Place. If you turn down here, take the first right and then the first left and this graffiti is on the surrounding walls (If it’s still there!)

PIECE BY: Saber, Retna, Ewok.

LEGAL: This is a commissioned mural.


Once again this is a great example of some of the commissioned murals available to see around the centre of Brighton. Although near the main road, this piece is well hidden so it hasn’t been bombed over. The first piece shows Rolf Harris as a Kangaroo, homage to Harris himself, as it is drawn in his style. It says “Frosty Freeze RIP”. Unfortunately even we can’t decipher the wildstyle lettering.

However, if you look more closely at Rolf Harris Kangaroo, just to the right between the mural and the green lettering on the doors, you can see a pink stencil at the top of the pillar. Does it look familiar? It should! It’s the same stencil as on the Bond Street Graffiti. Whether this is just a separate tag or if the artist had a part in creating this mural, we aren’t sure. You decide.

The next piece depicts a hip hop version of Mickey Mouse. He has gold teeth, his ears are speakers and he holds an Uzi in each hand. Hip hop was and is a great influence on graffiti, so it’s good to see this influence so clearly. All in all, these pieces are excellent and they are nice and bright. Good fun we think!

Beggar Boy


Beggar Boy


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WHERE: Off North Street, on the side of Art Republic, on Bond Street in the Laines.

PIECE BY: Unknown at present – but keep an eye out for the symbol on the bottom right elsewhere.

LEGAL: Unknown. This may be a commission by Art Republic, but given the nature of other graffiti by this artist it could also just be conveniently placed.


Recognise this? The style is identical to the ‘The Building Wraps Around Me’ stencil graffiti in Jubilee Square, and it has the same tag symbol. It’s exciting when you discover two pieces by the same artist, particularly when it is so sophisticated and has a mysterious air to it such as this. We’re still not sure what the name of this artist is, but the cube symbol is the constant factor here.

This piece appears to show a beggar boy. If so then it could tie in with the other piece we have seen by this artist, the one that looks a bit like Saddam Hussein – this boy could easily be a refugee of war. It’s a solemn piece but also incredibly beautiful and perfectly executed. Pieces like this are the cream of the crop as far as we’re concerned. There is a lot of very good graffiti around Brighton and Sussex, but this pushes the bar right up. The uncertainty about the identity of the artist and even whether or not this is a legal or illegal piece also adds to the mystery. We hope you enjoy it!

Also, note the tag in the bottom right hand corner (we have cut most of it off here I’m afraid) It is the same tag as on the North Street/King Place Rolf Harris graffiti. Whether this is just a separate tag or if the artist had a part in creating this piece of graffiti, we aren’t sure. You decide.

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WHERE: Opposite the Brighton Dome on Church Street. Head up the side alley that leads to the Prince Regent Swimming Pool and this graffiti is all along the left hand side.

PIECE BY: Rip Iz, Dad Dazer, Vibes, Jstar and others

LEGAL: Yes, this area is commissioned and is regularly updated.


These pieces are definitely commissioned, as you can tell by the intricacy of the work. No bombed piece could be painted in this much detail. Some say that this isn’t real graffiti because it isn’t illegal, but it brightens up the street wonderfully, which others may argue is the point. Nobody is right or wrong! If you can’t read the wildstyle writing don’t worry – writers deliberately spray hard-to-read words to show off their spraycan abilities. Click on the pictures above to find out what the wildstyle writing says.