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WHERE: All around Brighton.

PIECE BY: The Cityclean strikers (and their supporters).

STATUS: Illegal.

WE SAY: We know what you’re thinking. In a statement of artistic regression, Tracy Emin has urbanised her early work in the form of a new installation piece on the streets of Brighton… But you’d be wrong. This is just garbage.

Cityclean workers in Brighton went on strike this month in a big way, transforming the streets of our fair city from idyllic to apocalyptic. It’s felt a bit like something out of Mad Max here of late. While it hasn’t been entirely pleasant, here at BGASA we can’t help but enjoy a bit of anarchy. If nothing else, it’s a healthy dose of reality about how much waste we get through.

Above is just one of many bins that was been left unemptied during the strikes. Stuck to it is a pretty impactful industrial action sticker (see detail) cleverly designed with Brighton City Council branding so that it instantly grabs the attention of anybody living here. A £4,000 pay cut for a job that’s already as under-appreciated as this? Sounds like a cause worth fighting for if you ask us… and the locals here certainly have a renewed appreciation for the work carried out by the council cleaners.

Jason Kitcat, the current (Green Party) leader of Brighton Council has been under fire for his poor handling of the strike and ensuing negotiations, proving that he is greener behind the ears than he is in his policies. It’s been particularly damaging for his reputation given his party’s environmental manifesto, but what to do?

With everything taking on such a serious light, we rather enjoyed this tongue-in-cheek sticker discovered on a bus stop on the Old Steine. Urging Kitcat to ‘take a break’ and leave council workers’ pay alone, it’s a nice satirical way to make the point without cramming the usual politics down everybody’s throat.



Capitalism poster, Trafalgar Street

Capitalism poster, Trafalgar Street

Click on the image above to see a larger version

WHERE: As you come out of Brighton train station, turn right and then left onto Trafalgar Street. Walk under the bridge and this poster is just on your left hand side on a rail access doorway.


LEGAL: No, this is an illegal piece of graffiti.


Another anti-capitalist anarchist piece of graffiti here, and it is right by the train station so that it doubtlessly receives a great deal of attention from commuters and tourists. The sentiment behind this wheatpaste poster is obvious, but it is also probably a statement about the tourist trade in Brighton.

In summer many thousands of people pour out onto the streets of Brighton to shop in the city centre and the Lanes. As any resident of Brighton (and probably East Sussex) will be able to tell you, while the Lanes are lovely, that’s only when they aren’t busy and the city centre is dire pretty much all of the time! Brighton has a great deal more to offer than the tourists really see in the capitalist shopping centre. It’s a seaside resort after all!

We’ve decided that this is a very cool piece of graffiti.

God is a Dinosaur
God is a Dinosaur

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WHERE: Opposite the Brighton Dome on Church Street. Head up the side alley that leads to the Prince Regent Swimming Pool and this graffiti is immediately on the left hand side.

PIECE BY: Unknown at this time.

LEGAL: Yes. This is a legal bit of street art.


Well, this one is certainly a bit spooky! At first our photographer didn’t realise it was there, because at a glance it looks like a pile of old wood. It wasn’t until he spotted the sign that he realised what it was! This is a fantastic piece of street art. It must be a part of the commission on this alleyway, because any non-legitimate art like this would be removed in no time by the council.

This wooden robot is an innovative creation. Simple but effective, it certainly makes a statement – you can’t find street art like this in many places. It’s made out of found items – wood offcuts, old furniture and the eyes are made of reflectors from what appears to be old car headlights. “God is a dinosaur” – a round about way of saying He’s extinct? As is often the case with graffiti and street art, the message is cryptic and really gets you thinking.

We really recommend you go check this one out in person, if for no other reason than to get an idea of the sheer size of it.

Life is Ecstatic Intercourse Between Destruction and Creation

Life is Ecstatic Intercourse Between Destruction and Creation

Click the image above to see a larger version

WHERE: Head up the hill outside the train station and when you reach The West Hill Pub, turn right down Howard Place. The poster is on a metal pillar to the left before you reach the entrance of Bath Street.


LEGAL: No. This is poster graffiti


“Life is ecstatic intercourse between destruction and creation”

This is a typical example of anarchist wheat-paste poster graffiti. Although this poster would have originally embraced the essence of graffiti and have been designed as a message against enforced authority, these days it is probably more likely to give you a headache than make you want to overthrow the government! However, once you get your head round the message, it is actually quite poetic as a modern day mantra to live your life by.

It’s always interesting to look up posters like this on Google to see how prevalent they are elsewhere. In the case of this poster, it doesn’t seem to be very common (or at least not online). One of the few sites to mention it is Disgruntled Elephant, whose goal is ‘to provide worthwhile radical propaganda at a low cost using the D.I.Y. ethic’, while selling the poster at $50 a pop! Doesn’t sound very low cost to me, but still, it’s a nice poster.

Update: A good spot to one of our readers who pointed out that the poster was 50 cents, not 50 dollars – that sounds a bit more like it!