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WHERE: Near the roundabout by Blind Veterans UK (formerly St. Dunstan’s). By the roundabout, there are steps down towards the undercliff walk. Walk down these and the face is sprayed on half way down.

PIECE BY: Unknown. 

STATUS: Illegal, but beautiful.

WE SAYWhat to say? Spotted this while taking a breather during a clifftop run. This little girl is hidden away in the quiet steps leading from the top of the cliff down to the beach below.

With nothing but the sound of breaking waves and the singing of small cliff-dwelling birds, we had to took a moment for this one. Haunting.

Sticker of Christ on the cross with a spray can nozzle in place of a head

“Let us spray” (sorry)

WHERE: Stuck to a drainpipe on Bond Street Lane, next to the side entrance of Clarke’s Stationers.

PIECE BY: GZOS (We think, a play of words on ‘Jesus’) or perhaps NU (emblazoned across Christ’s stomach). Our research can confirm or deny either this time. Bad Google.

STATUS: Illegal.

WE SAY: While it took a moment to figure out what was going on here, that’s actually why this obscure sticker grabbed our attention. Religion isn’t something graffiti in Brighton often tackles, but this sticker certainly does. Did whoever this here intend to cause any offence? We don’t reckon so. But who knows… Perhaps the message is intended to undermine the perceived absurdity of religion…

…or maybe by juxtaposing an icon of Christ (once a common theme in art) beside a nozzle (a modern icon of graffiti art), the artist is just trying to get us to think about how art has progressed over the centuries.

Or maybe it’s just a weird sticker of Jesus with a spray can nozzle for a head.

Whatever the message, we like it and we hope you do too.


'El Barto'  written on a tile in permanent silver marker

El Barto Graffiti, Sidewinder Pub Toilets

WHERE: In the men’s toilets at the Sidewinder pub, Upper St. James’ Street, KempTown.

PIECE BY: ‘El Barto’.

STATUS: Illegal, and a little bit cheeky.

WE SAY: Chances are, ‘El Barto’ isn’t a practicing graffiti artist, but a pub-goer armed with a sense of humour and a silver pen. It’s also likely that they were also born in the 80s… not just because the Sidewinder has a working N64 in residence (it really does!), but because El Barto is actually the graffiti moniker of everybody’s favourite cartoon rogue, Bart Simpson. However, unless you watched the Simpsons in the 90s, before they ran out of feasible plots and went a bit off the wall, then you might not know this.

Now you do.

We were delighted to discover this one, it reminded us of happier, younger days. This is likely a one off, but if you’ve seen more El Barto tags around Brighton, please let us know – we’d love to hear about them.

Oh, and one more thing: ‘Stand and Fall for Sussex by the Sea’ is a line from Sussex’s unofficial County anthem. It was written in 1907, and clearly it lives on! Click here to see the whole whopping five verses.

Click here to learn more about the El Barto pop culture reference.


WHERE: All around Brighton.

PIECE BY: The Cityclean strikers (and their supporters).

STATUS: Illegal.

WE SAY: We know what you’re thinking. In a statement of artistic regression, Tracy Emin has urbanised her early work in the form of a new installation piece on the streets of Brighton… But you’d be wrong. This is just garbage.

Cityclean workers in Brighton went on strike this month in a big way, transforming the streets of our fair city from idyllic to apocalyptic. It’s felt a bit like something out of Mad Max here of late. While it hasn’t been entirely pleasant, here at BGASA we can’t help but enjoy a bit of anarchy. If nothing else, it’s a healthy dose of reality about how much waste we get through.

Above is just one of many bins that was been left unemptied during the strikes. Stuck to it is a pretty impactful industrial action sticker (see detail) cleverly designed with Brighton City Council branding so that it instantly grabs the attention of anybody living here. A £4,000 pay cut for a job that’s already as under-appreciated as this? Sounds like a cause worth fighting for if you ask us… and the locals here certainly have a renewed appreciation for the work carried out by the council cleaners.

Jason Kitcat, the current (Green Party) leader of Brighton Council has been under fire for his poor handling of the strike and ensuing negotiations, proving that he is greener behind the ears than he is in his policies. It’s been particularly damaging for his reputation given his party’s environmental manifesto, but what to do?

With everything taking on such a serious light, we rather enjoyed this tongue-in-cheek sticker discovered on a bus stop on the Old Steine. Urging Kitcat to ‘take a break’ and leave council workers’ pay alone, it’s a nice satirical way to make the point without cramming the usual politics down everybody’s throat.



A tagger called Muggle, writes 'fuck cassette lord' over a piece of graffiti on a green junction box.

Muggle Bombs Cassette Lord on Regent Street

WHERE: At the top of Regent street in the Lanes, opposite Tiffany’s cafe.

PIECE BY: Cassette Lord and Muggle.

STATUS: Cassette Lord = legal, Muggle = illegal.

WE SAY: For our first post in over three years, it seems only poignant to see that our old friend Muggle has been up to his old tricks! This time he’s bombed a piece by Cassette Lord, and what he lacks in nuance, he makes up for in initiative by using Cassette Lord’s own name in his piece to mark himself down. It’s a common practice in the graffiti world to paint over somebody else’s work to disrespect them, but we like this one for Muggle’s sheer cheek and boldness. If you’re a Brighton local, you’ll know Cassette Lord’s work; he regularly livens up the old green junction boxes around the city.

Clearly, in this case, Muggle isn’t too pleased that Cassette Lord is operating in his territory. Either that, or he’s just not a fan of the more ‘mainstream’ graffiti which has started appearing around the city, and is exerting his power of expression with a bit of old school tagging.

Now the blog is back in action, we’ll be keeping an eye out for a bit more of Muggle’s mischief and we will also be sure to do a post on Cassette Lord too. Stay tuned.

‘War is Naughty’ Stencil Graffiti, Edward Street, Brighton

WHERE: On the corner of Edward Street and Grand Parade, on the grey building beside Fitzhugh Gates Solicitors

PIECE BY: unknown

LEGAL: No, this graffiti stencil is an art crime.

WE SAY: This stencil is a good piece of graffiti. Not only does it employ the effective method of sending a highly political message via the medium of humour, but it does it in three words “War is naughty”! The horror of war is a common focus of graffiti, and it can be dealt with in many different ways. However, we like this piece as it pokes fun at the ridiculousness of war and is simple enough to stick in the mind. Bravo, we say!

WHERE: These  tags by Muggle are on Gardner Street in the North Lanes, Elder Place at Preston Circus, and the Grit bin tag is outside the Shakespeare’s Head pub on Howard Place.

TAGS BY: Muggle

LEGAL: No, these graffiti tags are illegal.

CAN I  SEE IT: Yes. You can check these graffiti tags out!


These graffiti tags are the perfect example of the sort of tags that are prolific on the streets of Brighton. They can’t really be called pieces or even street art, and although not particularly thrilling to look at they show how taggers get up their names around town. Using marker pens instead of a spray can, and focused in Seven Dials and Preston Circus, Muggle is obviously making it clear to anyone in the neighbourhood that this is the patch where he operates as a graffiti artist.

Have you seen more tags by Muggle? If so, let Brighton Graffiti and Street Art know!

UPDATE: So, it turns out that Muggle is a musician based in Brighton, UK. Tagging is one way that DJ’s can get their name known around town! Check out Muggle’s Myspace page.