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Mural of a kung fu fighter and his team of ninjas

Prince Fatty Versus the Drunken Gambler

WHERE: On the corner of Trafalgar Lane in Brighton, straight down the hill underneath the train station, this is on the side of Coffee@33.

PIECE BY: Sinnaone. 

STATUS: Legal.

WE SAYSinnaone has produced some familiar faces around Brighton, like Cassette Lord, decorating the green junction boxes with some friendly art work (commissioned by Brighton Council).

This is a straight-up promo piece for an album by Prince Fatty (released last year), but it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. That’s what we love about Brighton – there’s a good mix of illegal graff and the commissioned murals which give artists an opportunity to take their time over their work. Also, it’s nice not to have to analyse everything we post.

Instead, we have a very special treat for you today… we found this time-lapse video of the mural actually being painted.

We know, right? Be agog and feast your graffiti-loving eyes on this little gem (you’re welcome).


Check out Sinnaone’s website to see if you recognise any more of his work, or follow him on Twitter.

Download Prince Fatty’s album on iTunes. It’s not only full of chilled summer tunes, but has a bit of Brighton History right on the front cover. Doesn’t get much better than that.

A piece of colourful graffiti by artists Hutch and Stinkfish

Ethereal Art

WHERE: On Gloucester Road in the Lanes, opposite the Basketmaker’s Arms.

PIECE BY: Stinkfish and Hutch.

STATUS: It’s beautifully executed and has been here for a good couple of years, so this looks like a legal piece to us.

WE SAY: This stunning collaborative piece by Hutch (a Brighton-based artist) and Stinkfish (a graffiti artist from Colombia) has been gracing this wall on Gloucester Road since 2011 and has lost none of its sparkle.

Independently, these guys have thrown up some great pieces all around the world, so we’re lucky to have this joint-effort on display in a quiet corner of the Lanes in Brighton. We’ve noticed photorealistic graffiti making some big waves over the last couple of years, and this a prime example. We like it a lot; it’s not overly complex but there’s something wonderfully ethereal about it.

One last thing… since this was a collaboration, why not play spot the difference to see if you can tell who produced which bits? We think we’ve got it figured out, but you can make up your own mind. Check out more of Hutch’s work here (with prints available if they tickle your creative fancy) and although we couldn’t find a website for Stinkfish, we did find this great selection on Vandalog.

Have you seen more pieces in Brighton by either of these artists? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

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WHERE: Head down North Street from Churchill Square. Just after Barclays bank on the left is King Place. If you turn down here, take the first right and then the first left and this graffiti is on the surrounding walls (If it’s still there!)

PIECE BY: Saber, Retna, Ewok.

LEGAL: This is a commissioned mural.


Once again this is a great example of some of the commissioned murals available to see around the centre of Brighton. Although near the main road, this piece is well hidden so it hasn’t been bombed over. The first piece shows Rolf Harris as a Kangaroo, homage to Harris himself, as it is drawn in his style. It says “Frosty Freeze RIP”. Unfortunately even we can’t decipher the wildstyle lettering.

However, if you look more closely at Rolf Harris Kangaroo, just to the right between the mural and the green lettering on the doors, you can see a pink stencil at the top of the pillar. Does it look familiar? It should! It’s the same stencil as on the Bond Street Graffiti. Whether this is just a separate tag or if the artist had a part in creating this mural, we aren’t sure. You decide.

The next piece depicts a hip hop version of Mickey Mouse. He has gold teeth, his ears are speakers and he holds an Uzi in each hand. Hip hop was and is a great influence on graffiti, so it’s good to see this influence so clearly. All in all, these pieces are excellent and they are nice and bright. Good fun we think!

God is a Dinosaur
God is a Dinosaur

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WHERE: Opposite the Brighton Dome on Church Street. Head up the side alley that leads to the Prince Regent Swimming Pool and this graffiti is immediately on the left hand side.

PIECE BY: Unknown at this time.

LEGAL: Yes. This is a legal bit of street art.


Well, this one is certainly a bit spooky! At first our photographer didn’t realise it was there, because at a glance it looks like a pile of old wood. It wasn’t until he spotted the sign that he realised what it was! This is a fantastic piece of street art. It must be a part of the commission on this alleyway, because any non-legitimate art like this would be removed in no time by the council.

This wooden robot is an innovative creation. Simple but effective, it certainly makes a statement – you can’t find street art like this in many places. It’s made out of found items – wood offcuts, old furniture and the eyes are made of reflectors from what appears to be old car headlights. “God is a dinosaur” – a round about way of saying He’s extinct? As is often the case with graffiti and street art, the message is cryptic and really gets you thinking.

We really recommend you go check this one out in person, if for no other reason than to get an idea of the sheer size of it.

Orginal Species, North Place

Orginal Species, North Place

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WHERE: Head down North Place towards Prince Regent Swimming Pool. Walk down the steps at the end, turn back on yourself and you’ll find this piece on the wall of the steps.

PIECE BY: Tom, Jacqui, Fairy, NYE, Louis, Awest and others.

LEGAL: Yes, this piece is  a commission.


This is a good plain fun work of art. It’s definitely a commissioned piece of graffiti, as it is detailed and neat unlike an illegally bombed piece would be. It also has at least ten artists which would be rare for an illegal tag.

Can you spot the potential underlying political message? The words “Original Species” are the main part of this work of art, surrounded by skyscrapers with all their lights on, pouring out exhaust smoke. “Original Species” is riding on a wave – could this be a statement about the arrogance of humankind and our treatment of the planet?

Or perhaps that’s the not the point at all…on the left hand side underneath a sign saying European Social Fund, it says “nacro”. Nacro is a long standing charity which aims to reduce crime – this would explain the presence of the CCTV camera. It might be suggesting that not all graffiti is crime.

These are just a few thoughts but as ever, you should interpret this piece of graffiti in whatever way feels most comfortable for you.

Click on the thumbnails below to learn see the bigger picture and learn more (please note that pictures are stitched so they may take a few moments to load!)

WHERE: Opposite the Brighton Dome on Church Street. Head up the side alley that leads to the Prince Regent Swimming Pool and this graffiti is all along the left hand side.

PIECE BY: Rip Iz, Dad Dazer, Vibes, Jstar and others

LEGAL: Yes, this area is commissioned and is regularly updated.


These pieces are definitely commissioned, as you can tell by the intricacy of the work. No bombed piece could be painted in this much detail. Some say that this isn’t real graffiti because it isn’t illegal, but it brightens up the street wonderfully, which others may argue is the point. Nobody is right or wrong! If you can’t read the wildstyle writing don’t worry – writers deliberately spray hard-to-read words to show off their spraycan abilities. Click on the pictures above to find out what the wildstyle writing says.