A piece of colourful graffiti by artists Hutch and Stinkfish

Ethereal Art

WHERE: On Gloucester Road in the Lanes, opposite the Basketmaker’s Arms.

PIECE BY: Stinkfish and Hutch.

STATUS: It’s beautifully executed and has been here for a good couple of years, so this looks like a legal piece to us.

WE SAY: This stunning collaborative piece by Hutch (a Brighton-based artist) and Stinkfish (a graffiti artist from Colombia) has been gracing this wall on Gloucester Road since 2011 and has lost none of its sparkle.

Independently, these guys have thrown up some great pieces all around the world, so we’re lucky to have this joint-effort on display in a quiet corner of the Lanes in Brighton. We’ve noticed photorealistic graffiti making some big waves over the last couple of years, and this a prime example. We like it a lot; it’s not overly complex but there’s something wonderfully ethereal about it.

One last thing… since this was a collaboration, why not play spot the difference to see if you can tell who produced which bits? We think we’ve got it figured out, but you can make up your own mind. Check out more of Hutch’s work here (with prints available if they tickle your creative fancy) and although we couldn’t find a website for Stinkfish, we did find this great selection on Vandalog.

Have you seen more pieces in Brighton by either of these artists? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

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