‘Muggle’ Tags Graffiti, Various Streets Around Brighton

Posted: October 21, 2009 in Graffiti, Illegal, london road, Seven Dials
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WHERE: These  tags by Muggle are on Gardner Street in the North Lanes, Elder Place at Preston Circus, and the Grit bin tag is outside the Shakespeare’s Head pub on Howard Place.

TAGS BY: Muggle

LEGAL: No, these graffiti tags are illegal.

CAN I  SEE IT: Yes. You can check these graffiti tags out!


These graffiti tags are the perfect example of the sort of tags that are prolific on the streets of Brighton. They can’t really be called pieces or even street art, and although not particularly thrilling to look at they show how taggers get up their names around town. Using marker pens instead of a spray can, and focused in Seven Dials and Preston Circus, Muggle is obviously making it clear to anyone in the neighbourhood that this is the patch where he operates as a graffiti artist.

Have you seen more tags by Muggle? If so, let Brighton Graffiti and Street Art know!

UPDATE: So, it turns out that Muggle is a musician based in Brighton, UK. Tagging is one way that DJ’s can get their name known around town! Check out Muggle’s Myspace page.

  1. DefiantWordPurveyor says:

    i awoke one morning to find the letters “muggle” had been daubed on our family’s cat overnight,since then he seems to be the most popular cat in our street,and has even signed a two year record deal with sony…who’da thought it ay?.


  2. Rick Muggle says:

    i dont tag cats, or work for sony!!

  3. joe mumma says:

    bun cassette lord yo ! sony 4 life

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