Anti-capitalist poster graffiti, Trafalgar Street, Brighton

Posted: September 24, 2009 in Brighton central, Illegal, Non-Graffiti, North Laine, Philosophy's on the Wall
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Capitalism poster, Trafalgar Street

Capitalism poster, Trafalgar Street

Click on the image above to see a larger version

WHERE: As you come out of Brighton train station, turn right and then left onto Trafalgar Street. Walk under the bridge and this poster is just on your left hand side on a rail access doorway.


LEGAL: No, this is an illegal piece of graffiti.


Another anti-capitalist anarchist piece of graffiti here, and it is right by the train station so that it doubtlessly receives a great deal of attention from commuters and tourists. The sentiment behind this wheatpaste poster is obvious, but it is also probably a statement about the tourist trade in Brighton.

In summer many thousands of people pour out onto the streets of Brighton to shop in the city centre and the Lanes. As any resident of Brighton (and probably East Sussex) will be able to tell you, while the Lanes are lovely, that’s only when they aren’t busy and the city centre is dire pretty much all of the time! Brighton has a great deal more to offer than the tourists really see in the capitalist shopping centre. It’s a seaside resort after all!

We’ve decided that this is a very cool piece of graffiti.

  1. comes with 2 collectable items an exclusive comic and a dual sided pro/anti hero registration poster.

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