Evil Pacman Graffiti, London Road, Brighton

Posted: September 21, 2009 in Graffiti, Illegal, london road
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Evil Pacman, Providence Place

Evil Pacman, Providence Place

Click on the image above to see a larger version

WHERE: On Providence Place/St. Peter’s Street, just behind London Road and near to St. Bartholomew’s Church


LEGAL: No, this is an area prolific in its bombed pieces.


This area behind London Road is probably one of the most notorious for illegally bombed pieces of graffiti in Brighton. If we were to document all of it it would take a very long time! Instead we have just taken photos of some of the bits we think you might like. Amongst the numerous tags near to St. Bartholomew’s Church on Providence Place, we discovered this evil pacman figure. It’s a simple piece, but as is often the case with graffiti it involves a new twist on well known characters from pop culture. Graffiti often takes figures like this and takes on a darker edge: It’s tongue in cheek but we like it!


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