The Building Wraps Around Me Stencil, Jubilee Square, Brighton

Posted: September 16, 2009 in Brighton central, Graffiti, Illegal
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Click on the thumbnails above to see the bigger picture

WHERE: Where the alley running off Church Street meets Jubilee Square. Head up the side alley that leads to the Prince Regent Swimming Pool past all the large pieces of graffiti and this stencil is on the left hand side at about shoulder height just before you reach the swimming pool. It’s easy to miss so keep your eyes peeled!

PIECE BY: Unknown at present – but keep an eye out for the symbol on the left elsewhere.

LEGAL: No. This piece is too obscure and hidden from plain sight to be a commission.


This is a really superb example of stencil graffiti. In fact you can hardly tell that it is a stencil unless you look very closely. Over the top, it says “The building wraps around me”, and you can interpret this cryptic comment as you see fit. Bear in mind though, that it was added a good time after the initial stencil and is a line from a song by Turin Brakes!

I have no idea how long this piece of graffiti has been here, but the resembelence of the angry ghoulish man to Saddam Hussein is certainly striking.  This suggests that it may have been put up any time from the beginning of the Iraq war to Saddam’s execution. But then again, maybe not, it could just be a coincidence. The man might just be a figment of artist’s imagination. That’s the joy of graffiti, you never can be sure!

  1. […] this? The style is identical to the ‘The Building Wraps Around Me’ stencil graffiti in Jubilee Square, and it has the same tag symbol. It’s exciting when you discover two pieces by the same artist…]

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