Original Species Graffiti, North Place, Brighton

Posted: September 16, 2009 in Brighton central, Commissioned work, Graffiti, North Laine
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Orginal Species, North Place

Orginal Species, North Place

Click on the image above to see a larger version

WHERE: Head down North Place towards Prince Regent Swimming Pool. Walk down the steps at the end, turn back on yourself and you’ll find this piece on the wall of the steps.

PIECE BY: Tom, Jacqui, Fairy, NYE, Louis, Awest and others.

LEGAL: Yes, this piece is  a commission.


This is a good plain fun work of art. It’s definitely a commissioned piece of graffiti, as it is detailed and neat unlike an illegally bombed piece would be. It also has at least ten artists which would be rare for an illegal tag.

Can you spot the potential underlying political message? The words “Original Species” are the main part of this work of art, surrounded by skyscrapers with all their lights on, pouring out exhaust smoke. “Original Species” is riding on a wave – could this be a statement about the arrogance of humankind and our treatment of the planet?

Or perhaps that’s the not the point at all…on the left hand side underneath a sign saying European Social Fund, it says “nacro”. Nacro is a long standing charity which aims to reduce crime – this would explain the presence of the CCTV camera. It might be suggesting that not all graffiti is crime.

These are just a few thoughts but as ever, you should interpret this piece of graffiti in whatever way feels most comfortable for you.


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