Life is Ecstatic Intercourse Between Destruction and Creation

Life is Ecstatic Intercourse Between Destruction and Creation

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WHERE: Head up the hill outside the train station and when you reach The West Hill Pub, turn right down Howard Place. The poster is on a metal pillar to the left before you reach the entrance of Bath Street.


LEGAL: No. This is poster graffiti


“Life is ecstatic intercourse between destruction and creation”

This is a typical example of anarchist wheat-paste poster graffiti. Although this poster would have originally embraced the essence of graffiti and have been designed as a message against enforced authority, these days it is probably more likely to give you a headache than make you want to overthrow the government! However, once you get your head round the message, it is actually quite poetic as a modern day mantra to live your life by.

It’s always interesting to look up posters like this on Google to see how prevalent they are elsewhere. In the case of this poster, it doesn’t seem to be very common (or at least not online). One of the few sites to mention it is Disgruntled Elephant, whose goal is ‘to provide worthwhile radical propaganda at a low cost using the D.I.Y. ethic’, while selling the poster at $50 a pop! Doesn’t sound very low cost to me, but still, it’s a nice poster.

Update: A good spot to one of our readers who pointed out that the poster was 50 cents, not 50 dollars – that sounds a bit more like it!

  1. Anon says:

    I think it says 50 cents. I was like “WOW!” That’s way too high a price! lol

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