Church Street Graffiti, Brighton

Posted: August 28, 2009 in Brighton central, Commissioned work, Graffiti
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Click on the thumbnails below to learn see the bigger picture and learn more (please note that pictures are stitched so they may take a few moments to load!)

WHERE: Opposite the Brighton Dome on Church Street. Head up the side alley that leads to the Prince Regent Swimming Pool and this graffiti is all along the left hand side.

PIECE BY: Rip Iz, Dad Dazer, Vibes, Jstar and others

LEGAL: Yes, this area is commissioned and is regularly updated.


These pieces are definitely commissioned, as you can tell by the intricacy of the work. No bombed piece could be painted in this much detail. Some say that this isn’t real graffiti because it isn’t illegal, but it brightens up the street wonderfully, which others may argue is the point. Nobody is right or wrong! If you can’t read the wildstyle writing don’t worry – writers deliberately spray hard-to-read words to show off their spraycan abilities. Click on the pictures above to find out what the wildstyle writing says.


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